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Hana´s Christmas Wish

Mrs. Hana Truncova is the daughter of a political prisoner. However, as a young woman she was herself a political prisoner during the cruel 1950s.

This is her Christmas wish to Zuzana; the Editor in Chief of our web site.

Saturday, December 22, 2007


About three years ago, I had a wish. I asked Santa to bring me a new address book. My wish was granted. I began transcribing addresses into my new book, but in no time I stopped. It would take too much time to rewrite the names that go with relationships formed over the years and those from so long ago.

The long ago are those from “our community;” the community of political prisoners. I am aware that a person can form new friendships, new relationships, and live fully away from that community, but there can never be the same kind of friendships. There were Christmas Eves when I did not have the luxury to choose whom to have around. In prison, with Christmas in our hearts, we made the best of it. We were kind to each other, we were considerate to each other but, of course, we longed for our families and friends outside of prison.

This Christmas eve I will be sitting at a decorated table as a guest at my relatives’ home. They will be very nice to me. However, I know my thoughts will be again elsewhere. It is not because of fickleness or ingratitude towards my relatives; we get along well. It is about that community. That community is my “girls” from the prison long ago. But recently, the “Daughters” of political prisoners fell into my lap. The Daughters are a generation younger than I am … now my fantasy is at work. I am back at the prison yard on Sunday morning and hear the various names from the loudspeakers, “Visitors!” My memories go back to the young prisoners, mothers, returning from brief visits to the prison yard. They are full of emotions; they saw their children… those children are the today’s DAUGHTERS.

Zuzanka! I “found” you and I am very pleased. Include this Christmas Eve in your special memory box. I wish you happiness, peace, and blessed times. For 2008, I wish you health and vigor, fair judgment and good friends around you!

With my best regards,