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Contact: Jana Svehlova jsvehlova@yahoo.com  

We are the Daughters of the Enemy = children of political prisoners from the Stalinist era in former Czechoslovakia; now Czech Republic and Slovakia.

Our aim is to educate younger generations about life under totalitarianism to prevent history from repeating itself in our country or anywhere else.

We are registered with the Czech Ministry of the Interior 25. 4. 2008, IČO 22738207


As we are a nonprofit organization, we appreciate donations.

Our account is in the Czech Republic with UniCredit Bank — account number 1002569035/2700  

The Board of Deputy   Marie Janalíková, Věra Pytlíčková, Zuzana Vittvarová, Ludmila Voříšková

The Editor of the Web page is Zuzana Vittvarová  www.enemysdaughters.com

The Consultant is Jana Svehlová.

We are the Daughters of the Enemy of the State…

by Jana Svehlova, PhD

Someone once said that we hear so little about the victims of Stalin because they have yet to find their Stephen Spielberg.  One way to explore the effects of the Stalinist rule of terror is to hear the stories of Czech women who have had the unique role to be the daughters of so-called enemies of the state.

Being a child of a political prisoner during the communist rule in Czechoslovakia meant being "bad." After all, the family of a political prisoner was considered unworthy to coexist within the communist society.  The scant research on children of political prisoners shows that the emotional consequences of imprisonment far exceed its impact on the imprisoned parent; the effect on family relations is multidimensional and it affects next generations.  By reading the stories of the children of political prisoners, we can better understand the relationship between psychological effects of political events on particular individuals and their psychosocial milieu.

The author received her degree from The Human Sciences at George Washington University with concentration in political psychology.  Her research is on intergenerational psychological effects on children of victims in former communist Czechoslovakia.