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One of the Czech reader’s commentaries on our web site „How can you ensure that your stories will be part of elementary and high school history classes?“ inspired the following activity.

We, the Daughters of Political Prisoners are a self-support group. Our activities are on a voluntary basis. They include lectures, discussion after viewing films with a Stalinist theme or simple Q & A about our life stories. Why? Because the effects of the former communist regime on us, as individuals, our families, and the community ought to be known. Our interest is to assist students in their research in the area o psychological effects of political events during the era from 1948 (the communist takeover in Czechoslovakia) — 1989 (the fall of communism in the Czech lands and Slovakia). We ask teachers, interested in this psychological — historical area, to contact us. We shall be happy to assist.

Contact us: jarkamatouskova (at) centrum.cz (in Czech language), jsvehlova (at) yahoo.com (English and Czech).

Project: Children of Czech-Slovak Political Prisoners www.enemysdaughters.com www.dcery.cz