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  1. Red Executor's Daughter — her pain and her generosity

    • Category: Other
    • Prosecutor Karel Vas is known as the Red Executor. He sent innocent people to the gallows in communist Czechoslovakia during the 1950s.

  2. Looking for a Filmmaker

    • Category: Other
    • Before they are all gone, it is my dream to see a documentary with Czech children (now middle-aged) of former non-communist and communist political prisoners from the 1950s, exchanging their stories in front of the camera. It could help to gain insight into their unresolved pain and anger related to the past by the opportunity to listen to the pain of the “other.”

    • Category: Other
    • Trauma and Identity


      by Gaby Glassman



      This paper will address some aspects of trauma and look at how trauma has affected four types of survivor in various ways:

      1. Current refugee and asylum seekers;
      2. Jewish women during the Holocaust;
      3. Hidden children; and
      4. Survivors of terror under communism.
  4. Teacher of the Year

    • Category: Other
    • Dcery

      By Jana Svehlova 

      My friend, a gynecologist who specialized in treatment of ovarian cancer, once said: “I influence lives of just a few women, but teachers influence so many lives.” How true when it comes to Hana Duskova, a history professor at a High School in the historical city Hradec Kralove.

      Hana Duskova was teaching history during the communist regime in Czechoslovakia. She is still teaching history in the post communist Czech Republic. Not an easy task. The winners write history. What was considered good under communism is considered bad now, and vice versa.

  5. To punish or not to punish a judge who sent an innocent woman to the gallows?

    • Category: Other
    • By Jiřina Šiklová; translated from Czech, originally published in Literarni noviny 7/2/2OO7

      Several people asked me whether I sought justice because of the persecution I experienced during the communist regime. I did not. I did not want to waste my time suing those who caused my persecution and ostracism of my children. Why should I?


    • Category: Other
    •  KEY WORDS: political psychology, Stalinism, show trials, socialism

      By Jana Svehlova

      With the disintegration of the Austro-Hungarian Empire in 1918 — at the end of World War I — the Allies recognized the efforts of Czech and Slovak leaders to form a Czechoslovak Republic. This new republic’s large educated middle class adopted a constitution based on an American model. Prague’s University Professor Tomas Garrigue Masaryk became the first president of the newly formed Czechoslovakia.